On Calimera flowerpot

Just a flowerpot?

The word “flowerpot” sounds pretty commonplace to many people. They only see it as a container for a flower with not much space for creativity left. Our flowerpot Calimera proves this perception to be wrong. It is not only a flowerpot with a selfwatering feature, it also has an outstanding design. Calimera comes in a variety of shapes and colours that can be further combined. Calimera is not just another flowerpot.

The story of Calimera

In the beginning, the idea was to show the world that a plastic flowerpot can be both functional (i.e. includes the selfwatering feature) and luxuriously looking object. This idea resulted in cooperation with the Czech designer Jan Čtvrtník. Thus, in 2010, we could introduce the first Calimera flowerpot to the Czech market. Inspired by its success, we decided to ask the designers Michaela Vratníková and Petr Mikošek to cooperate with us and work on a support stand for Calimera flowerpot. They created two unique stands - one from wire, and another one from the combination of metal and plywood. The selfwatering flowerpot Calimera together with its stands won the prestigious Red Dot Design Award in 2012.

See for yourselves

The multi-feature flowerpots Calimera can be combined with two types of lower and upper parts in a variety of colour and size combinations. Check out our interactive configurator and see for yourselves that the choice of shape and possible colour combinations for Calimera are indeed diverse.

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